How does it work?

First we get to know you inside and out, at the Initial Medical Consultation.

When we know more about you and your medical profile we create a specialized weight loss program, including exercise, nutrition and often medications.

During your monthly consultation we make adjustments and give you the extra support you need to get the job done.

Once you reach your weight loss goals the important Maintenance Program begins so you keep the weight off for good.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

You work with a specially trained doctor to treat the complex disease of obesity.

Weight loss can be hindered by other underlying health issues such as, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid, etc.

Your Bariatrician has the expertise, diagnostic tools, and medications to treat these other factors. And to create a plan to reach your weight loss goals without surgery, based on your specific needs.


At IMWL the patient comes first. It's not just an empty cliche, it is truly our first priority.

The medical information we use is only part of the picture. Your success depends on looking at all aspects of your life.

By giving you the time and attention not found at other clinics we really get to know you so your weight loss program considers the whole picture.

And you get that extra bit of support that makes a big difference.

Is this right for me?

Are you making an effort with no results?

Is what worked in the past failing now?

Do you have other health issues contributing to your weight?

Is your weight okay but you've got fat in the wrong places or don't feel your best?

Are you working toward specific athletic training goals?

Are you ready to stop guessing and start knowing what works?

97% of patients lose weight by the first follow up

4.6% of beginning body weight is lost within the first month

80% of patients cut their diabetes risk in half after 3 visits

19,800 patients have lost 546,761 pounds in the last decade

The Medical Bariatrics of America program has been successful for over 10 years! These are the results of over 19,800 patients who have followed the MBA program with the help of their doctors. Your results may vary.

What is Body Comp?

If your weight loss program isn't working your body composition tells you and your doctor what to change.

The InBody 570 measures 15 areas of your body that provides detailed information about your body's special weight loss needs.

It measures a person's level of:

  • Muscle
  • Fat
  • Water

This information let's you know:

  • Why your exercise program is working, or not
  • The specific eating adjustments you need to make
  • Medications that will work for you
  • About inflammation, swelling, and even injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis

InBody 570

IMWL is one of the few clinics in the region where you can get your body comp to
track your progress and get better results.
Call for an appointment.