Indiana Medical Weight Loss Center Opening Feb 2017

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The Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center is coming to the Spring Grove neighborhood in Richmond February 2017.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone online and soon to our new medical weight loss center in Richmond. On our website and at our new center you will find useful resources and information, compassionate and customized care, and we'll share our own journey as well as our patients.

My wife Dr. Stacy Braff and I are thrilled to be joining the local community to help change the lives of our patients! 

Stacy and I have been residents of Wayne County since 2009.  We have forged many relationships here locally and Stacy has had a special connection with thousands of her patients over the years.  We have realized that there has been a dire need to address the obesity epidemic facing our area and decided that opening up a medical weight loss center next to Nature's Nook can help reach many people throughout the community.  

Nature's Nook provides may of the organic foods, vitamins, and supplements to aid our patients in their weight loss journey.  Conveniently located on Chester Boulevard in Richmond right off I-70, Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center gives our patients easy access to the office.

At Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center strongly believe that we all can accomplish our short-term and long-term goals to live a longer and healthier life with the proper education, motivation, and support we provide to each one of our patients.   

Many of our physical and mental issues can directly be traced back to problems with being overweight or obese.  Obesity is a disease and we treat it as such.  

There is no fault or blame, your weight issues are a result of unidentified internal health conditions.  Much like asthma, cancer, and arthritis, these conditions can be treated through safe and effective medically-proven techniques.  

Our individualized medical analysis of our patients help us create a plan that addresses your body's specific health needs and provide extra support where needed. Your custom plans and a relationship with a doctor who is invested in your success help you achieve your weight loss objectives.  

We believe the adage

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

is true and look forward to providing the care you deserve in creating a better tomorrow for everyone that truly wants it.

We are committed to being a community resource. If you have a question click the button below or call us at 765-373-8253. If you're ready to take action that gets results click the Get Started button.