Hey Doc, what is insulin resistance and why should I care?

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Have you been struggling to lose weight or keep gaining, despite not eating much?  

Do you hold most of your weight around the middle?  

Have you noticed more skin tags or darkened skin on your neck or in your armpits?  

Do you have a family history of diabetes?  

If so, it is very possible that you have insulin resistance.

Why does this matter?

conditions associated with insulin resistance For one, it can make it very difficult for you to control your weight.  More importantly, this is a prediabetic state that puts you at a much higher risk for developing diabetes and having a heart attack.  Often people with insulin resistance struggle to maintain their weight, even though they may only eat one meal a day.

It is not always how much you eat, but what you eat.

People with insulin resistance develop higher than normal levels of insulin in their blood.  Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps to keep our blood sugar normal. People with insulin resistance do not metabolize carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, potatoes, etc) the same as those without.  As they continue to eat a diet high in carbohydrates, their cells don’t want to take in any more sugar or fat, so they become RESISTANT.  

The pancreas then has to produce more insulin to control the blood sugar.  The insulin rapidly moves the blood sugar into fat, muscle and liver cells.  Sugar in fats cells gets turned fat (triglycerides).  Sugar in muscle and liver cells can either be used for immediate energy (<10%), a small amount can be stored as a sugar called glycogen (marathoners have a lot more of this - most people don’t), or it gets turned into sugar fats (triglycerides).  The triglycerides are stored in fat cells as fat, and can build up in our liver cells and muscles.

It's more than difficult weight loss.

Insulin at normal levels is a good hormone, but at high levels it leads to metabolic disease, dyslipidemia, central obesity, inflammation, diabetes and heart disease.  High levels also make it difficult to lose weight or keep it off. It causes a blood sugar roller coaster the results in constant carb cravings, fatigue and headache.  However, this can be corrected by dietary changes.

I think I'm insulin resistant, now what?

If you do have insulin resistance, Indiana Medical Weight Loss Center can help you reverse your condition.   We can help to improve your metabolic profile and body composition, and help to reduce those sugar cravings.   

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