Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center is a family-oriented business that is passionate about helping those who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off.   

At IMWWLC we understand that obesity is a disease and treat it that way.  

Using safe, effective, and medically-proven approaches to weight loss and maintenance patients achieve both their long-term and short term weight loss goals.  

We work with patients to reverse their chronic medical problems, such and diabetes and hypertension, by implementing lifestyle changes, improving diet, and where appropriate, using medications. And are often successful in reducing or stopping some of our patient’s chronic medications, by improving body composition and reversing insulin resistance.

Quality, compassionate Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center staff members manage patients in a safe, non-judgmental environment, maximizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and happiness.

Each patient will receive a personalized approach and continuous monitoring and support every step of the way through their weight loss and weight maintenance journey.  

We are a full-service organization that offers numerous nutrition plans designed to meet your individual needs, as well as provide the necessary education and motivational tools required to combat this disease.  

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Stacy BraffDr. Stacy Braff has been a physician for over 15 years and is board certified in both Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine. She studied medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and then completed her residency and chief residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.  

She moved to Indiana with her husband and daughter in 2009 where she served as an attending physician for Reid Medical Associates for 4 years.  As an internal medicine physician, she realized the ever-increasing need to address the obesity epidemic facing this country.  She joined Meridian Health Services in 2013 where she served as an attending physician as well as the Chairman of Internal Medicine.  She completed her weight loss training to become board certified in Obesity Medicine in 2013.  

Along with her husband, Lanny Braff, she created Indiana Medical Weight and Wellness Center to help patients address the root cause of many of their illnesses – obesity.

My Story

During my life, my weight often yo-yoed, and at one time I gained 60 lbs over a matter of months.  I was not athletic growing up and did not participate in team sports or activities such as running, although I often dreamed doing so.  It was not until I was in my 40’s that my weight leveled out and I became physically fit.  I made some life changes that will likely keep me healthier and prolong my lifespan.

I have been a physician for over 15 years and have been trying to help others make healthier choices.  In medical school we were taught that people just had to eat less and exercise more, to control what we now know is a disease- obesity.  

It was frustrating when patients would return for visits having gained weight, their diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension out of control.  How could this be?  

They would often tell me “I never eat! I have only one meal a day”.  It was not until I studied to become an Obesity Medicine specialist, that I had the answer to this question. Eating less and exercising more usually does not work. There are many hormonal factors at play.  Energy in, energy out is not all there is in maintaining a healthy weight.  I am now happy to say that I am often able to reduce or eliminate patients’ diabetic and hypertension medications by helping them improve their body composition.

As for me, a once semi-couch potato, has become an avid runner and triathlete.  This has been a wonderful personal achievement for me. Whether your desire is to be able to walk around the block without having to stop, improve your chronic medical problems, be around to watch your grandchildren grow, or run a marathon, I would like to help you achieve your goals. At the Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center, we will try to help you become the best you can be.

Meet Co-Owner Lanny Braff

Lanny BraffAt Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center, I have many roles.  I am not only the co-owner of the facility, but also serve as its receptionist, financial manager, and nutritional and educational weight loss consultant.

As someone who has faced, and at times, struggled with obesity, I have first-hand knowledge of many of the issues our patients are dealing with.  I have gone through significant weight loss (over 70 pounds) only to find most of it gained back.  

Coming from a family afflicted with obesity, I realize the difficulties and challenges many obese and overweight people face every day.  I have spent countless hours researching different ways that people lose weight and maintain their weight loss.  Since marrying my wife Dr. Stacy Braff back in 2000, we have spent many days and nights discussing weight issues and the tremendous effect it has on most of our medical problems.  

This common passion that we share, has culminated in the creation of the Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center.  I look forward to taking the weight loss journey with you and sharing the knowledge I have gained over years of studying both the physical and mental approaches to weight loss.