NEW Direct Primary Care

Adults 18 and over
Monthly Membership
6-month commitment required
No application or enrollment fees
No insurance coverage for costs

$79 monthly membership
$49 monthly add-on to weight loss program

Personalized Attention & Care

  • Unlimited appointments – no copays, deductibles, or insurance company involvement
  • Same day and next-day appointments
  • Telemedicine video visits via phone or computer
  • Little-to-no wait times
  • Relaxed, unrushed visits
  • Unlimited access to physician via text messaging, email, and phone
  • Transparency of costs
  • Wholesale prices for labs

Ready to see the Doctor?

Call to make your first appointment.

(765) 373-8253

Services Overview

What we can cover during your visit:

  • Annual Check-up included
  • Annual Basic Wellness Labs included at no charge (complete blood count - CBC, comprehensive metabolic profile - CMP, lipid panel, thyroid stimulating hormone -TSH, urinalysis, prostate specific antigen - PSA)
  • Chronic disease management including diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, thyroid disorders, asthma and COPD
  • Ear irrigation and wax removal
  • Strep throat test
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Lab draws
  • EKG
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Smoking cessation
  • International travel consultation and recommendations

What we can't cover during your visit:

  • CDL/DOT Physicals
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Vasectomy
  • Joint injection
  • Trigger point injections
  • Vaccinations
  • IV Fluids
  • Lesion removal
  • Abscess laceration and drainage
  • Stitches and suturing
  • Ingrown toenail repair and toenail removal
  • Biopsy
  • Casting and cast removal
  • Eye foreign body removal
  • Spirometry
  • Breathing Treatments

24/7 Physician Contact Protocol

Dr. Braff can be reached via text, phone call or email

Expected response times:

    • 8 AM to 8 PM, response within 4 hours - Monday thru Friday
    • 8 PM to 8 AM, response within 12 hours - Monday thru Friday
    • Saturday & Sunday - Response within 12 hours on weekends


DPC is a new way to get high quality, comprehensive healthcare from a doctor who cares, all for a low, flat monthly fee.  There are no copays, no deductibles, and no interference from insurance companies dictating patient care.

We offer all the primary services you need with incredible savings due to the decreased administrative costs to the practice. We pass those savings on to you through a very affordable monthly membership paid to us directly. All annual wellness labs are covered with your membership fee (additional lab work is available at wholesale prices).

Even without billing insurance, most patients spend much less on their healthcare in a DPC practice than they spend on their insurance's out-of-pocket costs. Oftentimes, its more than enough in savings to cover the cost of the membership!

  • Unlimited visits with no charge per visit
  • Access when you need it - appointments can be made with your doctor usually the same day or next day
  • Appointments lasting 30 minutes to an hour to address your concerns
  • Open and direct communication with your doctor via phone, text, and email -- even after hours
  • Included annual wellness visit and wellness labs
  • Discounted labs
  • And most importantly, the kind of relationship with your doctor that you’ve always wanted, based on trust, respect, and direct communication

Dr. Braff treats patients that are 18 years and older.

We encourage our patients to maintain insurance coverage (including Medicare with supplements if applicable).

You can use it as you normally would for specialist referrals, hospital admissions, imaging, and ER care. Our affordable membership often allows patients to obtain lower cost, catastrophic plans they can afford.

They also allow people who aren’t provided insurance from their employers and who can’t afford insurance themselves the opportunity to get the primary care they need at incredible prices.

We do not file or accept any insurance or government payments, but you should be able to obtain outside services if needed as you normally would.

At Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center, you can expect to be provided high quality, affordable primary care services through an innovative, membership-based model.

We eliminate barriers to the doctor-patient relationship through direct, open communication. You’re always able contact your doctor, even after hours.

You get fairly priced labs, direct access to your physician in a timely manner, and compassionate service that sets us apart from any other healthcare experience our patients have ever had.

We are only accepting a limited number of patients. That ensures that we will always be able to fit you in when you need to be seen.

When you have an acute need, you’ll be able to see your doctor that day or possibly the next business day. In general, you’ll find that our patients are able to get in touch with their doctor directly, easily, and without getting the run-around.

If you already have a specialist provider, we communicate with them on your behalf as we co-manage your medical care.

If our doctor determines your condition warrants direct referral to a specialist they will refer you to a specialist in the region for formal consultation which will be billed by the other practice as normal.

Opioid prescribing guidelines from the CDC to combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic are more stringent than in the past, and those patients who use narcotics for chronic pain are encouraged to seek a pain treatment center.

The doctor is not a pain specialist and does not prescribe narcotics for the treatment of chronic pain. And, she will not prescribe controlled benzodiazepines for anxiety treatment.

If these medications are needed, the doctor will refer you to a mental health provider.

One low flat fee of $79 per month.  That’s it!!!

And you can bundle and SAVE. Add a Primary Health Care Membership to your enrollment in our Weight Loss Program to reduce your Direct Primary Care membership to only $ 49 per month (a savings of $30 per month!).

We ask our member to commit to a minimum of 6 months for their DPC Membership to ensure a high standard of care.


Federal laws and regulations are now allowing health spending account and flexible account funds to be used to cover direct primary care membership fees.

If you have an after-hours need, you can email or call/text your doctor’s cell phone directly for advice. If they can address your problem over the phone, they will.

Your doctor will try to return your email, call, or text message within 1 hour to the best of their ability but guarantee to return them within 4 hours during the day and within 12 hours during the evening and on weekends.

In general, you’ll find that you are able to get in touch with your doctor directly, easily, and without any hassle after hours.

24/7 Physician Contact Protocol:

  • Dr. Braff can be reached via text, phone call, or email
  • Expected response times:
    • 8 AM to 8 PM, response within 4 hours - Monday thru Friday
    • 8 PM to 8 AM, response within 12 hours - Monday thru Friday
    • Saturday & Sunday - Response within 12 hours on weekends

Unfortunately, no.  Weight loss consultations are provided through our weight loss program.

And we are offering a discounted primary care membership to our weight loss program patients who want the benefit of both services.  Patients who visit Dr. Braff every month for weight loss, only pay $49 monthly for their DPC membership.

Subscription and Cancellation Policies

A patient will be charged at the time of their first visit.  Each patient must provide a credit card number to Indiana Medical Weight Loss to keep on file. The first monthly charge will be prorated as a percentage of the available days of the month left.

Each subsequent monthly charge will be made via the credit card number provided on the 1st of every month in the amount of $79.00.

The term of each patient’s membership is six months.

We discount the DPC monthly membership rate by $4/day for each day the doctor is completely unavailable during a given month due to holidays or vacation.  We discount the DPC monthly membership rate by $2/day for each day the doctor is not available to be seen in the office but is available via phone or telemedicine.  We notify each member in advance of any scheduled holidays or vacations.

If termination of your membership occurs before the end of the six-month period, you will receive a termination charge equal to the remainder of the six months’ membership.

Each patient will be notified by Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center via email in the last month of their subscription to inquire as to whether they wish to continue their membership for another six month period.

If no response is made by the patient after three emails, the patient’s membership will be automatically renewed for another 6 month period.