Get Your Weight Loss Medication Right At The Center

IMWL carries a full range of the prescription medications and supplements recommended in the MBA program. No need to make another stop on the way home. We have what you need including:

  • Insulin Resistance Medications
  • Appetite Suppressant Medications
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin D and Multivitamin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

A 28 day supply of prescription medications usually ranges from $ 4 to $ 40.



Meal Replacement: Bars & Shakes

We recognize our patients have a wide range of needs so we carry a variety of meal replacement bars and shakes at the center. Some of the brands are:

bariatrix nutrition at indiana medical weight loss centerQuest nutrition at indiana medical weight loss center


You'll also find a useful collection of books you can pick up when you're at the center that will help you stay on track such as:

  • Carb Counters
  • Cook Books
  • Recipe Books


Unlike most medical providers, we believe in being upfront with our patients regarding the costs of the services we provide.

Although we do not accept commercial insurance, many of our services are reimbursable as an out-of-network provider through your health insurance company. In many cases you can use your HSA, FSA debit card for coverable expenses.

We also provide a payment plan through Care Credit who offers reasonable monthly rates for those who want to pay for their visits in payments, rather than upfront at the time of the appointment.