The Initial Medical Consultation is very comprehensive, plan to spend two hours at the center. Your consultation includes an InBody 570 body composition, EKG, two sessions with the doctor, a group education session on the MBA program, possibly a prescription, and an action plan.

It gives us time to hone in on your specific weight loss barriers and review your history in more detail than you can in a typical clinical physician's office appointment. This is when we stop guessing and start knowing.

Your first visit starts with a full InBody 570 body composition, which measures your muscle mass, percent body fat, visceral body fat (the bad abdominal fat) and other information that helps guide us in creating your weight loss program.

When you meet with the doctor you will have a full medical work up including taking all necessary vitals, a body composition, EKG (unless you’ve had one taken in the last year), review of your body's vital functions, review of family and medical history, medications, and discussions regarding your weight history and previous attempts at weight loss and maintenance.

The doctor then makes recommendations on dietary and behavioral action steps. If appropriate, medications to assist in weight loss will be discussed. And we may need to adjust any chronic diabetic and hypertension medications to ensure safe weight loss.

After your individual meeting, you attend a 45-minute group education session lead by the doctor. And receive a booklet which thoroughly explains our program.

At the end of your appointment you have another opportunity to meet individually with the doctor to ask any remaining questions.

To appropriately diagnose metabolic or hormonal problems (such as insulin resistance), and safely treat our patients, Indiana Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center requires some basic lab work, and in some cases an EKG, when starting this program.

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email packet with your New Patient Intake forms. Please complete these forms and authorizations before you come for your first visit and bring any labs/EKG you've had done in the last year. These studies may provide the information we need instead of additional tests.

$ 198
$ 159 (save with an EKG taken in the last year)


First Follow Up

This 15 min. visit is your first follow up appointment about 1 week after your Initial Medical Consultation. We want to make sure you have the support you need as you start this life changing program and answer any questions.

Cost:  FREE


Regular Follow Up

Your standard monthly follow up consultation lasts about 15 min. We assess your progress, collect new information, refill prescriptions, and make adjustments as needed.

Cost:  $69


The Discount Bundle includes: Initial Medical Consultation, an InBody 570 Body Composition, 1-Week Follow up Consultation, EKG, and 11 monthly Follow Up Consultations.

Make a commitment and save some money at the same time. Refunds can only be requested within 30 days after the Initial Medical Consultation. See the full refund policy.

$ 957 $800 save $ 157


Buy a package of monthly follow up visits to make the commitment. You can buy some new clothes with the money you save. Note: there are no refunds for discounted follow up consultations.

(3) Visit Package: $ 207  $ 180 save $ 27
(6) Visit Package: $ 414  $ 350 save $ 64
(12) Visit Package: $ 828  $ 675 save $ 153


For Weight Loss: The InBody 570 measures 15 areas of your body that give you and the doctor important information about your body's special weight loss needs.

For Maintenance: Keep an eye on what's going on in your body once you've reached your goal weight so you can identify potential issues before they become extra pounds. 

For Athletic Training: If you're training for a special event or a weekend warrior with training goals, your body comp will track your performance so you know how to tweak your training plans to get the best performance.

InBody 570 measures your levels of:

  • Muscle
  • Fat
  • Water

This information lets you know:

  • Why your exercise or training program is working, or not
  • The specific eating adjustments you need to make
  • Medications that will work for you
  • About inflammation, swelling, and even injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis

Click Here to see a Sample Report.

InBody 570 One of the few places in the region where you can get and track your body comp information

One of the few places in the region you can get and track your body comp information.

Patients - $ 19  Non-Patients - $ 25



SmartByte is the first and only FDA approved device that modifies eating behavior at the gateway to the body: The Mouth.

  • You take smaller bites and chew thoroughly
  • You are trained to eat slowly and mindfully
  • You taste and enjoy food more
  • Your stomach has time to tell your brain it is full so you feel satisfied on less food and fewer calories

The custom fitted SmartByte fits comfortably in the roof of your mouth and is only worn when eating.

SmartByte support includes an embedded sensor that monitors your progress to goal weight on a SmartPhone app and six weeks of personal, one on one coaching to get you started.

In a research study  conducted at
The Pennington Biomedical Research Center,
SmartByte users averaged 23% less food
to feel satisfied than non-users.¹

More Research
1Source: Walden HM, Martin CK, Ortego LE, Ryan DH, Williamson DA.” A New Approach for Reducing Food Intake”. Obesity Research 2004


Unlike most medical providers, we believe in being upfront with our patients regarding the costs of the services we provide.

Although we do not accept commercial insurance, many of our services are reimbursable as an out-of-network provider through your health insurance company. In many cases you can use your HSA, FSA debit card for coverable expenses.

We also provide a payment plan through Care Credit who offers reasonable monthly rates for those who want to pay for their visits in payments, rather than upfront at the time of the appointment.